CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED is fully legal company that operates in accordance with international law. We build our relationships with clients as transparently as possible. Thus, our priority task is not only to ensure a safe and secure investment environment, but also to make the interaction process to be completely confidential. Our specialists have developed a Privacy Policy, which describes in detail how we collect, process, store and use information about our clients.

We draw your attention to the fact that in the process of interacting with CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED, participants do not specify data that directly or indirectly could identify the client as a specific individual. Moreover, we do not take any action to de-anonymize the project participants.

1 Key terms

Personal data - information about the company’s client, which the project receives in the process of cooperation.
Personal data processing - automated or non-automated actions performed by representatives of CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED or technical facilities with personal information of clients: study, modification, interpretation, collection, recording, structuring and systematization, as well as deletion of the data.
User - an adult person registered on the CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED website.
Cookies - a technology that involves sending and storing data fragments by the browser to the user's device. This allows you to store the necessary information on the side of the user and access it when you need sending to the server.

2 Collection of clients information

When a user visits the site, the company receives information about the device from which the access to the resource was obtained. In particular, we will know your IP address, browser information, location, device ID. This data does not refer to personal data that can identify the user and are not used for this purpose.
Through the use of cookies, we obtain data on user preferences, session duration, statistical information. By registering on the project site, the user consents to the use of this technology and the corresponding collection of information.
The registration procedure involves providing a name, login, email address and password to access the personal account.
We become aware of your billing information in the course of investment activities.
The company does not check the accuracy of client’s information.

3 Use of personal data

None of the data obtained is used to identify the client as a specific person. All information specified by the client is used within the boundaries of investment cooperation and the provision of services by us: authorization on the site, making a deposit, withdrawing profits, cooperation in an affiliate program.
Some data is used to conduct an internal audit - determining the effectiveness of advertising, the convenience of the interface, assessing the geographical distribution of the project, etc. This allows the company to improve the quality of services provided.
Contact information (such as the email address) can be used for reporting news, project updates, promotions and bonus notifications.
The data obtained through the use of Cookies technology is used to track user behavior on the site, assess the effectiveness of advertising and promote a resource in search engines.

4 Disclosure and protection of personal data

All data obtained is protected by modern methods of ensuring the confidentiality of personal information and cannot be disclosed to third parties.
In some cases, designated by law, some data about specific clients may be subject to disclosure when a good reason for this occurs.
The company undertakes to implement all the necessary technical, administrative and physical measures aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of the personal information of users.
Users’ personal accounts are reliably protected from unauthorized access, as we use data encryption, firewall, physical access and authorization rights control.

5 Consent to the receipt, processing, storage and use of personal data

By registering on the CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED website, the user consents to the collection, processing, storage and use of information available to the company.
In case of disagreement with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the user must leave the CRYPTO SILVA LIMITED website and do not register on it.
The provisions of the Privacy Policy may be amended, which take effect from the moment they are published on this site.
You can send your wishes and questions regarding the current terms of the Privacy Policy through the feedback form. Any disputes arising from the current regulations are governed by applicable law.